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HS-A1 Gold RF Microcrystal

Model: HS-A1

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HS-A1 Gold RF Microcrystal


1. RF technology, firming microdermabrasion technology break through the traditional single treatment.
2. The dermis directly emit RF energy at the same time according to the different degree of microcrystalline penetration depth and the size of RF energy.
3. Unique insulating microcrystalline to avoid stimulating the epidermis. Postoperative will not appear scab, color and other adverse reactions.
4. Real-time monitoring and intelligent impedance, crystal of wrinkles, relaxation, acne, scars and other symptoms, personalized settings, make the skin repair to the young and healthy state rapidly.

Technical Specifications:

Output frequency


Output power


Therapeutic probe

10p, 25p, 64p

Input voltage

AC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz

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