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HL-8300 Medical Headlight

Model: HL-8300

MOQ: 1 Set


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HL-8300 Headlight

1.Light Source: Our LED lamp has no heat of traditional Halogen headlight. With a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, it light supplies bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.
2.Homogenous illumination of the whole field of view.
3.Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight using the rechargeable Lithium battery, it can work without the direct power source. It is one of the most comfortable lightweight headlights and suitable for all kinds of surgery.
4.The headlight could be used when it is charging.
5.Low-battery indicator light.
6.Optional adapts to any Binocular Loupes of Zumax,Gallilei, Zeiss, Orascophic TTL, Orascophic Flip Up, Grendel Meier and Heine.
7.Yellow filter reduces blue light, prevents premature curing of composite.
8.Smart design, convenient for mobile diagnosis.

HL-8300 Headlight HL-8300 Headlight


Optical Specification

With Portable Battery Pack

With Wireless Battery Pack

Illumination at 200mm working distance

>35000 Lx

>35000 Lx

Adjustable Range

Direction of Illumination

Vertical ±25° adjustable

Vertical ±25° adjustable


Head lamp



Electrical specifications

Illumination Source

Extremely bright light, 3W LED, life 20, 000 hours continuous burn

Extremely bright light, 3W LED, life 20, 000 hours continuous burn


Lithium battery 7. 4V 2300mAh

Lithium battery 7. 4V 1800mAh

Battery Run- time

≥ 9 hours

≥6 hours

Input voltage

100- 240VAC

100- 240VAC

Maximum Power input



Electrical Safety  standard

IEC60601. 1, class II equipment

IEC60601. 1, class II equipment

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