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VET-5 Black & White Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

Model: VET-5

Standard Configuration:
1. Main machine
2. VET Mechanical scan waterproof probe
3. 8G Memory Card
4. Li-ion battery
5. Shoulder Strap
6. Adapter
7. User Manual
8. Aluminum box


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VET-5 Black & White Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

1.Image storage: host with TF card and USB interface, pictures stored directly in TF card, unlimited storage.
2.Image processing: up / down, left / right, black / WHITE FLIP, real-time freeze.
3.Storage images can be sent out of the TF memory card by frame or continuously.
4.8 kinds of pseudo color image display
5.Film replay: 255
6.Using touch button, the key is reasonable and easy to operate.
7.Equipped with large capacity plug-gable mobile battery, continuous working for 5 hours.
8.Storage data can be copied, images are not limited by quantity, and unlimited storage.
9.The host is equipped with an electronic version of operation manual to facilitate on-site operation and use.
10.Hand-held appearance design, with a variety of patented technology, is small, light weight, easy to carry and convenient to use.
11.Power protection function, effectively extend the endurance of equipment.
12.The machine starts the winter model with one button. The winter mode probe can be used directly without waiting for preheating.
13.15 level image pre-processing, the image is more delicate
14.Software control switch machine, effectively protect motherboard, lithium battery, extend machine life.

DW-VET5 Veterinary ultrasound machine


Application detection of pregnancy, estimation of litter size, disease diagnosis, fetal viability identification
Suitable object  for sheep, pigs, dogs and other animal diagnosis of Pregnancy(integration of 6 common animal gestational weeks measurement package).
Scope of application large scale pig farms, artificial insemination stations, feed / veterinary drug distributors and enterprises, scientific research teaching units
Technical parameters
Scanning method  mechanical fan scavenging
Probe frequency  3.5MHZ, support 2.5MHZ, 3.0MHZ, 3.5MHZ, 5.0MHZ four frequency conversion.
Display mode  B, B B
Display depth(mm)  46~208, adjustable
Gain adjustment  far field, near field and total gain adjustable
Frame frequency  30 frames per second
Image gray scale  256
Image multiplying  15 kinds of magnification
Screen size  5.6 inch LCD screen
Measurements  common data measurement functions such as distance, perimeter, area, and gestational age.
interface    Mini USB interface and TF card interface
Host power consumption  non charging working condition 13W/ charging work 25W
Host size  240X120X45 (mm)
Host weight  900g
Standard configuration  main engine (including a lithium ion battery), 3.5MHz waterproof mechanical fan scanning probe, instruction manual, power adapter.
Optional configuration  Probe :3.5.0MHz waterproof mechanical fan scanning probe, lithium ion battery, vehicle adapter, external charger.

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