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T8 4D Echo Color Doppler Trolley Ultrasound Machine

Model: T8

MOQ: 1 Set

Real Time 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound: 
1. Monitor: 21.5 inch LED + 10.4 inch touch screen
2. Intel i5 processor ,4G RAM,SSD 120G+1T
3. Four active probe sockets
4. B, 2B, 4B, M, B/M, B/C, B/D, B/C/D, PDI Color, Dual Color Simultaneous 2D/Color Compound, PW, CW, Duplex/Triplex, Directional PD, 2D, 3D, 4D TDI, Auto IMT, Free hand Elastography, Panoramic Imaging, Trapezoid Imaging, Color M Mode
5. Depth: 20-340mm
6. External interfaces: USB, VIDEO (PAL-D), HDMI, DICOM, DVD/CD


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T8 4D Echo Color Doppler Trolley Ultrasound Machine

1.Trolley type full digital color Doppler ultrasonic mainframe
2.Ultrasonic host operating system: Windows operating system
3.Applications:Abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, heart, urinary system, small organs, superficial, blood vessels, pediatrics, newborns, musculoskeletal
4.Probes:Convex probe, Tran-vaginal probe, Linear probe, Micro-convex probe, Cardiac probe,4D Volumeprobe
5.Applications and report:Support abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, heart, urology, small organs, superficial, blood vessels, pediatrics, etc. advanced measurement software package, report software package, patient management software package
6.carotid artery intima measurement thickness(IMT)
7.Automatic spectral envelope measurement
8.Full digital transmission and reception of beam synthesizer
9.Color Doppler imaging(C)
10.Pulse Doppler Imaging(PW)
11.Coherent Contrast imaging(CCI)
12.Continuous wave Doppler imaging(CW)
13.B/C/D Real-time three synchronous imaging
14.Power Doppler imaging(PDI)
15.Direct power Doppler imaging(DPDI)
16.M mode imaging
17.Anatomic M mode imaging
18.Color Doppler M mode imaging
20.Tissue Doppler imaging(TDI)
21.Strain rate imaging (SRI)
22.Tissue harmonic imaging(THI)
23.Fusion harmonic imaging(FHI)
24.Speckle Reduce imaging(SRI)
25.Panoramic imaging
26.Deflection imaging
27.Trapezoidal imaging
28.Adaptive velocity optimization
29.Free hand 3D
30.Real time 3D imaging(3D/4D)

DW-T8 4D Ultrasound Machine

DW-T8 4D Ultrasound Machine

DW-T8 4D Ultrasound Machine

DW-T8 4D Ultrasound Machine

DW-T8 4D Ultrasound Machine

DW-T8 4D Ultrasound Machine


Probes            Fundamental Frequency 2.0MHz/2.3MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/4.6MHz/5.0MHz/5.4MHz
Harmonic Frequency 4.0MHz/4.6MHz/5.0MHz
Fundamental Frequency 4.0MHz/4.6MHz/5.0MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz/9.2MHz/10.0MHz/12.0MHz/13.3MHz
Harmonic Frequency 8.0MHz/9.2MHz/10.0MHz,
Fundamental Frequency 3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz/5.4MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz/10.0MHz
Harmonic Frequency 6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz
Fundamental Frequency 3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz/5.4MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz
Harmonic Frequency 6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz
Fundamental Frequency 1.7MHz/1.9MHz/2.1MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.4MHz/3.8MHz/4.2MHz/5.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency 3.4MHz/3.8MHz/4.2MHz
Fundamental Frequency 2.0MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.3MHz/3.7MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz/6.0MHz
Harmonic Frequency 4.0MHz/5.0MHz/6.0MHz
2D imaging mode              Gain 0-100,Step 2 adjustable
TGC 8 segment adjustable
Maximum focus point ≥7, which can be moved throughout the whole process.
Speckle reduction 0-5,5 level
Space Synthesis 0-2,2 level(Liner probe: 3 level, cardiac probe:0)
Dynamic 30-180,35 level,step 5 adjustable
Line density low、middle、high,3 level
Frame correlation 0-4,4 level
Noise reduction 0-5,5 level
Edge Enhancement 0-5,5 level
Sound power 2-10, 9 level
Grey scale 0-67, 67 level
False color 0-67,67 level
Image style Soft-Comparison,2 level
Color Doppler imaging mode                     Blood gain 0-100,Step 2
Parameter display Velocity、Variance
B-Restrain(B/W restrain) 0-7, 7 level
Speed Through 0-8, 8 level
Sampling number 6-24, 7 level
Blood flow preferred 0-8, 8 level
Filtering 1-6, 6 level
Sound power 2-6, 4 level
Noise reduction 0-4, 4 level
Smooth treatment 0-4, 4 level
Frame correlation 0-6, 6 level
Chromatography(Blood flow graph) 0-37, 37 level
Line density Low-Middle-High, 3 level
Frequency 4 level adjustable
Velocity Minimum 0.4K,Maximum 40.5K
Convex probe 0.4K-4.3K-38.5K
Linear probe 0.4K-14.7K-39.0K
Trans-vaginal probe 0.4K-7.8K-39.7K
Volume probe 0.4K-4.2K-34.8K
Micro-convex probe 0.4K-10.3K-40.5K
cardiac probe 0.4K-7.8K-39.7K
Pulse wave Dopplermode                      Gain 0-100,Step 2
Spectrum envelope function real time automatic spectrum envelope, manual spectrum envelope, and other modes. The system automatically analyses and displays various data such as PSV, EDV, RI, PI, S/D, ACC, HR and so on. Can wake up or close
Sample volume 0.5mm~30mm
Blood angel -75—75 degree,Step 5
False color 0-67, 67 level
Dynamic range 20-40, 4 level
Filter 0-9, 9 level
Smooth treatment 1-4, 4 level
Sound power 2-5, 4 level
Volume 0-100, 10 level,Step 10
Audio filtering 0-4, 4 level
Base line -1.0~1.0,
Grey map 0-67, 67 level
Scan velocity 100-500, 6 level
PRF:Minimum 0.5K,Maximum 87.5K
Convex probe 0.5K-4.3K-63.3K
Linear probe 0.5K-14.5K-78.4K
Trans-vaginal probe 0.5K-8.1K-78.4K
Volume probe 0.5K-4.2K-53.8K
Micro-convex probe 0.5K-10.3K-81.1K
cardiac probe 0.5K-4.3K-87.5K
Frequency 4 level
Continuous Wave Doppler               Support probe Cardiac probe,Adjustment of B mode parameters is switchable
Gain 0-100,Step 2,Sampling line position is adjustable
PRF 0.9K~36.1K
Baseline -1.0~1.0
Blood angel -75~75 degree
Grey map 0-67
Scan velocity 100-300
False color 0-67
Dynamic range 20-40
Filtering 0-9,9 level
Smooth treatment  1-4
Frequency 2.0MHz/2.3MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz,4 level adjustable
Sound power  2-5
Volume 0-100
Audio Filtering 0-4
Anatomical M imaging   Support probe Convex probe, Linear probe,Cardiac probe Adjustment of B mode parameters is switchable
Gain 0-100,Step 2 M Sampling line angel is adjustable M Sampling line length is adjustable
Sampling line 3,Can be displayed or hidden separately
Blood flow M mode          Gain 0-100,Step2
Frequency 4 level
Sampling number 6-24
Speed through 0-8, 8 level
Scan velocity 150-500
Frame correlation 0-6, 6 level
Filtering 1-6,6 level
Blood flow preferred 0-8,8 level
Smooth treatment 0-4,4 level
Map 0-37, 37 level
Tissue Doppler imaging       Gain 0-100,step 2
ROI area adjustable
Sampling number  6-24
Velocity 0.4K-8.0K
Frame correlation 0-6,6级
Tissue preferred 0-7, 7 level
Frequency 2.0MHz/2.3MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz
Panoramic imaging  Support probe Linear probe
Speckle Reduction 0-5, 5 level
Deflection imaging             Support probe Linear probe
Adjustment of B mode parameters is switchable
Deflection angel 8 level
Speckle reduction 0-5, 5 level
Dynamic rate 30-180,Step 5
Line density low-middle-high,3 level
Frame Correlation 0-4, 4 level
False color 0-67, 67 level
Image style Soft-Comparison,2 level
Noise reduction 0-5, 5 level
Edge Enhancement 0-5,5 level
Sound power 2-10,8 level
Grey map 0-67,67 level
Trapezoidal imaging              Probe support linear probe
Adjustment of B mode parameters is switchable
Deflection angel 8 level
Speckle reduction 0-5, 5 level
Dynamic rate 30-180,Step 5
Line density low-middle-high,3 level
Frame Correlation 0-4, 4 level
False color 0-67, 67 level
Image style Soft-Comparison,2 level
Noise reduction 0-5, 5 level
Edge Enhancement 0-5,5 level
Sound power 2-10,8 level
Grey map 0-67, 67 level
Space Synthesis 0-2, 2 level
Freehand 3D imaging   Support probe convex probe, linear probe
Display model :4 pictures
Image Rotation X/Y/Z Axis
Multi-slice Visibility
Real-time 4D imaging        Support probe: 4D volume probe Adjustment of B mode parameters is switchable
Gain 0-100,Step 2
Display model one image、two images、four images
Image Rotation X/Y/Z Axis Multi-slice Visibility Light&Shade inversion
Smooth 0-4, 4 level
Threshold level 0-129, Step 3
Transparency 1-509,Step 10
Render type 4 kinds,Surface、maximum、minimum、perspective
Extended Imaging                     Gain 0-100,Step 2
TGC 8 segment adjustable
Maximum focus point ≥7, which can be moved throughout the whole process.
Speckle reduction 0-5,5 level
Space Compound 0-2,2 level(Linear probe: 3 level,don’t support cardiac probe)
Dynamic range 30-180,35 level,Step 5
Line density Low、Middle、High,3 level
Frame correlation 0-4,4 level
Noise reduction 0-5,5 level
Edge enhancement 0-5,5 level
Sound power 2-10, 9 level
Grey map 0-67, 67 level
False color 0-67,67 level
Image style Soft-Comparison,2 level
Extended level: Maximum 72 leve
Convex probe 9 level
Trans-vaginal probe 72 level
Micro-convex probe 29 level
Cardiac probe 40 level
4D Volume probe 17 level
Measurement and analysis function         General measurement Distance, area, ellipse, cross line, angle, distance ratio, volume, Volume (ellipse), area ratio, diameter, joint angle
Cardiac Automatic spectrum envelope、LV、Main Pulmonary artery diameter、RVEDd、RVEDs、LVM、LAV、HR、MVF、AO、AR、LVOT、TVF、Pulmonic valve、Pulmonary vein、RV、Doppler fetal heart sound、LVET、LVM、LVMI、AV
Vascular carotid intima (IMT), length stenosis ratio, area stenosis ratio, IMT (back wall), IMT (front wall)
OB Fetal routine、AFI、TW、GS、CRl、OFD、HL、ulna、NT、Fibula、Nbonel、Radial、Tibia
GYN uterus、cervix、corpus uteri/cervix uterus、left ovarian vein、right ovarian vein、dominant follicle、intima thickness
Urologyseminal vesicle :prostate、residual urine、left kidney、right kidney、left suprarenal vein、right suprarenal、left testis、right testis、left seminal vesicle、right
liver、CHD、partal vein diameter、cholecyst、CBD、pancreas、spleen、Internal diameter of abdominal aorta、kidney Abdomen
Small parts Thyroid
Software package Measurement package、Software package、Medical records management software package
Graphic and text management system Host build in 2 hard disk(SSD 120 1T),Start fast and stable
Movie playback:≥1200 frames
Internal file information management system: can record patient number, name, check number, check date and so on, and can be searched and managed by numbering, checking number, name and so on.
Type of report is 16
One key fast report graphic and text management
Interface      USB interface 4
HDMI interface 1
RJ-45 interface 1
Grounding wire interface 1
Configuration Trolley type full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system
Probe: convex array probe (standard), linear probe (optional), Trans-vaginal probe (optional), cardiac probe (optional), 4D volume probe (optional)
≥13 quick adjusting knobs

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