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HY-370 Trolley Black & White Ultrasound Machine

Model: HY-370

MOQ: 1 Set

1. THI and histogram function
2. Support OB report
3. USB port
4. Body mark: 97 kinds
5. Measurement: general package, GYN & OB package, andrology package, cardiac package, thyroid package


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HY-370 Trolley Black & White Ultrasound Machine

1.15 inch HD LCD display
2.3 active probe connectors
3.  Builtin 8G memory card
4.Anatistatic wheels
5.THI and Histogram function
6.Support OB Report
7.Multilingul ultrasonic system
8.  96 element array
9.Smart trackball cursor to select and operate

DW-370 B Mode Ultrasound Machine

DW-370 B Mode Ultrasound Machine

DW-370 B Mode Ultrasound Machine

DW-370 B Mode Ultrasound Machine

DW-370 B Mode Ultrasound Machine


Probe Depth 16 levels
Probe Frequency 5 levels
Main gain 0-100%
8 TGC adjustable
Focus 4
Image storage 4920 images
Pseudo color 0-7
Scanning area(angle) 3 levels
Edge enhancement Support 0-3
Linear correlation 0-5
Gamma correction 0-7
Frame correlation 0-3
Dynamic range 0-135
Cine loop 512 frames
Body mark 97 kinds
U Disk support FAT32 format
Image reversal up/down, left/right, black/white
Measurement General measurement, GYN & OB measurement package, Andrology measurement , Cardiac measurement
Advance technology Powerful image postprocessing functions, the firstclass digital imaging technology
DBF all digital beam forming
DRF realtime dynamic reception of focus with pointbypoint
DRA realtime dynamic sound velocity change
THI tissue harmonic imaging
RDA realtime dynamic aperture imaging
DFS numerical control dynamic frequency scanning
RDF realtime dynamic filtering
Probes Convex probe (2.0 -5.0MHz)
Linear probe (5.5 – 9.0MHz)
Transvaginal probe (5.0 – 7.5MHz)
Microconvex probe (4.0 – 7.0MHz)

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