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HY-350 Trolley Black & White Ultrasound Machine

Model: HY-350

1. Support 6 kinds languages
2. 2 probe connectors
3. Probe Depth: 16 levels
4. Measurement: general package, GYN & OB package, andrology package, cardiac package, thyroid package


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HY-350 Trolley Black & White Ultrasound Machine

1.High definition and multifunctional trolley type full digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
2.The image is clear and the operation is convenient
3.15 inch LCD
4.Powerful image post processing functions
5.The first class digital imaging technology, the image is clearer
6.DBF all digital beamforming
7.DRF realtime dynamic reception of focus by point by point
8.DRA realtime dynamic sound velocity change
9.THI tissue harmonic imaging
10.RDA realtime dynamic aperture imaging
11.DFS numerical control dynamic frequency scanning
12.RDF realtime dynamic filtering
13.A stable and concise operating system
14.Backlight silicone keyboard, more comfortable and wearable, darkroom use no longer worry
15.Intelligent menu, human computer dialogue is easy and quick
16.Shows two puncture guide lines, adjustable angles and positions.
17.The multiple rate shows that the diagnosis is more accurate.
18.External USB storage, image uploading more convenient
19.Large volume movie playback, image automatic circulation demonstration
20.Abundant measurement functions: distance, circumference, area, volume, obstetric table, heart software package, etc.
21.The function software package and measurement method can be selected through the track ball cursor.
22.Angle measurement, you can intuitively see the angle and length of the angle.
23.Have histogram function
24.Have depth measurement function
25.It has 16 obstetric measurement packages and has fetal growth curve function.
26.In any imaging mode, the data can be measured in real time
27.Automatic memory and generative function of obstetric data
28.A key to find saved images, can be found by the date named folder quickly found and a key export.
29.With the function of puncture and guidance, the angle and position of the two punct
30.One key out of patient information entry function
31.ure lines can be adjusted visually.
32.Lithotripsy positioning, dynamic target tracking function
33.Variable aperture, dynamic trace, dynamic digital filtering, etc.
34.2 stage visible tunable harmonics of tissue
35.8 kinds of fake color processing, etc.
36.The 4 frames are independent keys, visually adjustable, cycle adjustable, and can also be changed through the track ball cursor.
37.6 kinds of line correlation, with independent buttons, visually adjustable, circular adjustment, or track ball cursor changes.
38.The 8 types of gamma correction are independent keys, visually adjustable, cycle adjustable, and can also be changed through the trackball cursor.
39.Edge enhancement 4 level adjustable, with independent buttons, visually adjustable, adjustable cycle, also can be changed through the track ball cursor.
40.he scanning range can be adjusted 4 levels, with independent buttons, visually adjustable, circular adjustment, and also can be changed by the track ball cursor.
41.Luminance key addition and subtraction enhancement and weakening function
42.Caps and Shift locking functions
43.Starting time is less than 10 seconds
44.The button has a buzz sound, but open / close
45.Formula of fast data measurement
46.You can quickly set time, name and other editors through the track ball and keyboard.

DW-350 B Mode Ultrasound Machine DW-350 B Mode Ultrasound Machine

 DW-350 B Mode Ultrasound Machine


Display 15 inch LCD
Scanning mode convex matrix / linear array / micro convex
Probe interface 2, with automatic identification function to support multiple probes
Interface Chinese/English/Russian/Spanish/French/Arabic/Vietnamese/Portuguese/Indonesian
Display mode B, B B, 4B, B M, M
Electron focusing four segment electron focusing
Postural markers 97 species
probes    3.5MHz Convex Probe:2.0MHz,2.5MHz,3.5MHz,4.0MHz,5.0MHz
5.0MHz Micro Convex probe:4.0MHz,4.5MHz,5.0MHz,6.5MHz,7.0MHz
6.5MHz Trans vaginal probe:5.0MHz,5.5MHz,6.5MHz,7.5MHz,8.5MHz
7.5MHz inear probe & Rectal Probe:5.5MHz,6.5MHz,7.0MHz,7.5MHz,9.0MHz
Image mirroring upper and lower mirrors, left and right mirrors, black and white flip, in any mode can be mirrored conversion, operation The image can be rotated at 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 degrees.
Measurements distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, gestational age (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HC, AC, EDD, AFI) and expected date of birth, fetal weight display and so on.
Character display date, clock, name, sex, age, doctor, hospital, annotation (full screen character editing) (a mixed editor for letters, numbers, punctuation, and arrows)
Movie playback 512 frames, continuous playback or one by one view.
Permanent storage built in 8G memory, more than 4000, supporting U disk storage (available for storage).
Gray scale: 256 level
Dynamic range 0135dB, step 8, with independent buttons, visually adjustable, adjustable cycle.
Total gain 0100, step 2
Blind area less than 4
Maximum display depth 3.5MHz:126307mm       6.5MHz:189mm
7.5MHz:40166mm        5.0MHz:205mm
Geometric accuracy transverse less than 5%, longitudinal less than 5%
Resolution the side is less than 2mm, and the axis is less than 1mm
Interface RS232 interface, VGA interface, VIDEO interface, USB interface.
Display rate 6 display modes; lesion diagnosis is more accurate. In the case of x 1.5 and X 1.8, the display of depth can be raised
Accessories ultrasonic imaging workstation
Other l Medical device quality management system (ISO13485) certification
l Equipment inspection report
l EC Authentication
l Two years of quality assurance

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