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DCU-12V Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Model: DCU-12V

Standard Configuration:
1. Main unit: 1 pc
2. Two probe sockets
3. Probes: 3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe: 1 pc, 6.5MHz multi-frequency Linear Rectal probe: 1 pc, 7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe: 1 pc
4. CD: 1 pc
5. Reticle: 1 pc


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DCU12V Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

1.Reasonable Humanization Design
2.10.4’color LED full screen display, angle adjustable
3.One key-light keyboard function for black room use One button operation including one-key storage image,one-key review, one-key print, etc.
4.Quick look up stored image function, raise working efficiency
5.Multi-functional knob design, realize one-key quick adjustment in multi-mode
6.Powerful Data Management
7.Optimize checking image function, realize 1-2 second response
8.Intelligent user defined, one-key review and storage function
9.Neoteric internal work station multi-plan mode,quickly finish data,report, realize process multi medical histories functionDCU-12 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

DCU-12 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

DCU-12 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


Standard Configuration
Main unit
Following probes are selectable

3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe

6.5MHz multi-frequency linear rectal probe

6.5MHz multi-frequency micro-convex probe

7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe

Optional Configuration


Foot switch

O Thermal printer (Sony UP-897MD)

9 Ethernet switch

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