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DCU-10 Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Model: DCU-10

MOQ: 1 Set

Standard Configuration:
1. Main unit with a built-in 500GB hard disk:1 pc
2. Two probe sockets, automatically identify
3. Probes: 3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe:1pc (128 elements), 7.5MHz linear probe:1 pc (128 elements)
4. Internal Li-battery : 1 pc


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DCU-10 Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

1.High grade display .
2.High resolution 15″LCD
3.128 elements probe
4.Support infinite complification under
5.real time scan (B B C 2B 4B )
6.Color blood flow, PW, DPDI
7.Human function economical keyboard design: Optimized keyboard Back light keyboard
8.Powerful measuring calculating software for clinical demands
10.Internal working station: support ≥500GB hard disk 8 browse patient scata
12.Support store JPG BMP FRM format and CIN AVI movie formatDCU-10 Color Doppler MachineDCU-10 Color Doppler MachineDCU-10 Color Doppler MachineDCU-10 Color Doppler MachineDCU-10 Color Doppler Machine


Standard parameters
Gray scale 256
Color scale 256
Monitor 10.4” flicker free high resolution medical color LED.
Adapter rating 100-240V 1.2-6.0A
Frequency 50-60Hz
Output of adapter DC12.8V 3.0A
Power consumption ≤100VA
Main unit size approx. 256*150*326(mm, L*M*H)
Weight of main unit approx. 4.5kg(excluding accessories)
Multimedia and external device
Video recorder; I-Station integral working station, realizing store image, general report and
could print function.
U-disk (support document management, software upgrading, one-key storage function), DICOM
port, convenient for doctor to manage data, support long-distance transmission.
Dual-mode TV output PAL/NTSC
Probe socket Two activate probe socket, with automatically identification technique, support
optional multi probe.
Language Menu interface operation,
interface language can switch Chinese/English
Probe parameter
Number of elements 80
Convex array probe 3.5MHz; Frequency range
3.5MHz R60 multi-frequency convex probe
1. Scan angle 60°
2. Frequency range 2.0MHz-5.0MHz
3. Frequency conversion options 2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0
4. Max-scan depth ≥190mm
5. Blind area ≤5mm
6. Resolution Axial resolution ≤1mm, Lateral resolution ≤2mm
7. Geometrical position accuracy Horizontal ≤5%, Portrait ≤5%
High frequency broadband probe 7.5MHz; Frequency range
7.5MHz L40 multi-frequency linear probe
1. Frequency range 5.0MHz-9.0MHz
2. Frequency conversion options 5.0/6.5/7.5/9.0
3. Max-scan depth ≥60mm
4. Blind area ≤3mm
5. Resolution Axial resolution ≤0.5mm, Lateral resolution ≤1mm
6. Geometrical position accuracy Horizontal ≤5%, Portrait ≤5%
Trans-Vaginal probe6.5MHz; Frequency range 4.5/ 5.5/ 6.5/ 7.5MHz
6.5MHz R11 multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe
1. Scan angle 135°
2. Frequency range 4.5MHz-9.0MHz
3. Frequency conversion options 4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5
4. Max-scan depth ≥60mm
5. Blind area ≤4mm
6. Resolution Axial resolution ≤1mm, Lateral resolution ≤1mm
7. Geometrical position accuracy Horizontal ≤10%, Portrait ≤5%
Operation mode     B、B/B、4B mode、M、B/M mode
Color flow mode(CFM)
Power Doppler mode(PDI)
Pulsed-wave Doppler(PW)
Tissue harmonic imaging(THI)
System preset basic preset, formula preset, note preset, store preset, code preset, reset to default.
Ultrasonic imaging technology 1. High precision digitizing continued wave former
2. Dynamic frequency blend imaging technology
3. High precision delay point-by-point dynamic receiving focus
4. Ultra-broadband imaging technology
5. Automatic optimizing process image technology
6. Automatic vessel imaging technology
7. Automatic Doppler imaging technology
8. THI structure harmonic imaging technology
Main function 1. Built-in dish store space16G, store lots of images, reports and video. Store forever and not
2. miss when power cut.(BMP image≥10000, PNG image≥100000)
3. Cine Loop: massive cine storage, play back. ( B mode: 380 frames, M mode around 4000
4. frames), time duration for Cine loop: within 5 seconds.
5. Using only one key to transmit the ultrasonic images to the network printer; realize web print
6. and make up the weakness of specified printer.
7. One-key storage function; the convenient and practical one-key storage function, meet the user’s
8. shortcut.
9. One-key invoking report function
10. One-key to transfer the ultrasound image to Network printer function, realize Network printing,
11. make up the defect of the specified printer.
standard configuration 1. Main unit: 1 PC
2. work station
3. Reticle
4. 3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe.
5. Choose between
6. 6.5MHz multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe.
7. 7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe
Optional accessories 1. Trolley
2. Foot switch
3. Thermal printer (sony UP-897MD)
4. Ethernet switch

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