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BIO-1100 Projection Perimeter

Model: BIO-1100

BIO-1100 projection type visual field analyzer provides both static and dynamic (or kinetic) perimetry. It is designed with professional analysis and report software.


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BIO-1100  Projection Perimeter

BIO-1100 is a projection type visual field analyzer machine for visual field defects exam, especially for glaucoma test. This visual field testing machine has professional software. There are several testing strategies (threshold, screen, special, custom, dynamic and custom dynamic) and testing patterns to choose for fast examinations. It has blue-yellow examination mode, and you can setup white or yellow background light. Ophthalmologists can easily manage patient information and print detailed test reports.


1. Rigorous implementation of Goldman international standard.

2. Halogen projection system: stimulation light source is from wide band visible spectrum, fully meet colored cone cell stimulation.

3. Accurate and elaborate database of normal population of all age groups, recognition of more subtle early visual field defects.

4. GHT glaucoma semi vision analysis, make glaucoma diagnosis easier.

5. GPA glaucoma progression analysis upgrade, slight glaucoma development is obvious.

6. Standard SWAP blue-yellow visual field examination, sensitive to earlier visual field defects.

7. Scientific and intelligent interactive inspection strategy, 30 degree range visual field inspection only takes 3 minutes.

8. Simple one-stop modular software design, equipment operation learning only 2 minutes.


Technical Specification:

Testing scope


Testing distance

30 cm

Background light

white31.5asb, yellow315asb

Visual target 

0.08 asb -10000 asb (0-51DB)

Target size

Goldmann I , II, Ⅲ, IV, V

Visual target stimulation time

200 ms

Visual target interval time 

Standard and custom

Threshold policy 

Macula, 10-2, 24-2, 30-2, 60-4, nasal side

Upper threshold policy

C-40, C-64, C-76, FF-81, FF-120, FF-135……

Special detection strategy 

Esterman monocular, Esterman binocular, upper 36°screening, blind point testing

Yellow- blue testing 

Standard 440nm blue V visual target + 315asb OG530  yellow background brightness

Visual target

Red, blue

Dynamic policy

Standard dynamic, blind dynamic, dark spot dynamic, straight line dynamic

Custom policy

Static custom dynamic custom 

Pupil size measurement


Fixation monitoring 

Physiological blind spot monitoring, eye position monitoring, eye position moving alarm, eye tracking curve

Environment light testing


Analysis software

Reliability analysis , single report, triple report, GHT glaucoma semi vision report, GPA glaucoma developing analysis, VFI analysis, Blue-yellow analysis


Win7 above

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