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AL-900 Ophthalmic Argon Laser

Model: AL-900

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AL-900 Argon Laser

The AL-900 is designed with special features for ease of use in the office, mobile use and in the operating room. The key benefits that the system offers are outlined below.
A key feature of the AL-900 system is its adaptability as it offers the following options:
A detachable delivery system, able to fit a range of slitlamp microscopes options
It can be attached to the Nd-YAG laser providing the user with a single platfrom that has dual capability.
A dedicated Zeiss style slitlamp delivered version.
Superior Performance
One of the ways the AL-900 delivers superior performance is by providing clear, crisp and high-resolution image quality with a well-defined and colour balanced field of view.
Quality components also ensure superior performance as LightMed have used the best quality slitlamps and optical components available for the AL-900.
Flexibility and compact design are features of the AL-900 and are highlighted by the removable Control Panel that provides space saving option. The laser console can also be attached to the instrument table providing additional space saving solution. For added convenience a range of tables is offered including tables that provide wheelchair access. The AL-900 fits a range of slitlamps and the removable Control Panel can be configured to suit the clinical setting.
To increase the precision of the treatment, all delivery systems are available with a micromanipulator if required.
The safety filter provides maximum protection while maintaining an excellent colour balance in the field of view.

 Size: 37cm X 33cm X13cm
 Weight: 12.0kg
 Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Single Phase
 Cooling: Air Cooled Thermoelectric Cooler System
Diode Laser: Red. Adjustable<1.0 mW
Wavelength: 635nm
Laser Classification: Class ll


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