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LY-1800AD Lens Groover

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Model: LY-1800AD

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LY-1800AD Lens Grooverr 

For processing half-frame glasses and rimless-frameglasses’s center curve, front curve and rear curve.
Technical Specifications:

Technical Data LY-1800AD LY-1800A LY-1800B   LY-1800C
Panel Copper Hollow Stainless Steel,Hollow Stainless Steel Thin Stainless Steel
Blade Common PC Common Common


Technical Data    LY-1800ADT LY-1800BD  LY-1800AT
Panel Copper  Stainless Steel,Hollow Stainless Steel,Hollow
Blade Good Common PC
Motor AC DC AC


Technical Data  LY-1A LY-1B LY-1C
Panel Stainless Steel,Hollow Stainless Steel lron
Blade Good Common Common
Motor AC AC DC

LY-1800AD Lens GrooverLY-1800AD Lens Groover LY-1800AD Lens Groover

LY-1800AD Lens Groover LY-1800AD Lens Groover


Copper Hollow





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